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As you may already know, smoking is bad for your health. It’s also extremely bad for your mouth. Smoking can affect your smile and oral health in a myriad of ways, which is why Dr. Steven Rodriguez strongly encourages you to quit smoking as soon as possible. To help you understand, our dental team is happy to elaborate on some of the things that can happen to your mouth when you smoke.

Smoking can change the color of your smile. It’s true—tooth discoloration is inevitable when you smoke. This is because the chemicals in the cigarettes stain the teeth and turn them into a yellow and even brown color. To eliminate the discoloration, you need several professional whitening treatments. And those treatments might not even fully whiten your smile.

Smoking can increase the buildup of plaque and tartar on your teeth. This is dangerous because plaque and tartar promote tooth decay and gum disease. These two dental issues are the leading causes of tooth loss. So, ultimately, smoking can make you lose your teeth.

Smoking can increase your chances of falling victim to oral cancer. Oral cancer is a dangerous disease that can alter your oral health, destroy your smile, make life difficult, and even kill you. It’s important to prevent the development of oral cancer as much as possible.

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