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Caring for your child means caring for their smile. Unfortunately, there are many things in the world today that can threaten and harm your child’s teeth and gums. It’s your job to keep their smile in tip-top shape as much as possible. To help you do so, Dr. Steven Rodriguez has some helpful tips.

First, bring your child into Healthy Smiles Dental Care® of Flint for their first checkup six months after their first tooth erupts or around their first birthday. This is important because it helps your child familiarize him or herself with the dental office, dentist, and dental team. It can also help you because we will give you the tips you need to properly care for and clean your child’s little chompers and oral tissues.

Second, make smile cleaning a priority. Even if your child doesn’t have teeth, wash their gums with a clean and wet washcloth after each feeding. If they do have teeth, clean them with a baby toothbrush and water. You don’t need to use toothpaste until your child is about 2-3 years old. At that time, only use a rice-sized amount. Start flossing your child’s teeth when two touch each other.

Third, avoid baby bottle tooth decay as much as possible. You can do so by avoiding sending your child to sleep with a bottle filled with sugary liquids, like juice or chocolate milk. It’s also best to only give your child milk and formula in a bottle. If you wish to give them juice, please only give them 4 oz. a day and only give it to them in a sippy cup and when they eat. You can use juice as a treat.

If you have any questions about how to protect your child’s smile in Flint, Michigan, please call Healthy Smiles Dental Care® of Flint at 810-720-6433 and talk to a member of our dental team. We are happy to talk with you and answer your questions so you can help your child grow into the strong and healthy smile they deserve!