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With the holiday season approaching, it is important to make sure that your oral health is well taken care of. If you have any lost or missing teeth, the missing gaps left behind can lead to plaque buildup. Furthermore, missing teeth can cause your gums to destabilize, which will result in tooth slippage. To ensure your smile lasts through the holidays, speak with your dentist about the opportunities for a pair of dentures.

Dentures are tooth replacement treatments designed to improve your smile by replacing lost or missing teeth with tooth-like prosthetics. Dentures can easily accomplish the needs for which they are required, including improving your speech and eating skills. One of the greatest features about dentures is the fact that they can be removed for easy cleaning and comfort. However, make sure they are always soaked in a cleaning solution so they do not dry out and crack.

Always make sure to care for your dentures by cleaning them thoroughly. This includes soaking them in a denture-cleaning solution when not in use. Never allow your dentures to dry out, as they will easily fracture and split. Furthermore, never use teeth whitening gels, bleach, hot water, or any similar abrasive materials on your dentures. If they should ever become damaged or chip and crack, visit or dentist for a repair or replacement.

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