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The first to oral health care is actually receiving your oral health care. Although this seems relatively self-explanatory, many individuals often have numerous fears associated with visiting their dentist. If you do find yourself starting to show signs worries and concerns about having your smile taking care of, you may be suffering from what is commonly known as dental anxiety.

If you find yourself suffering from dental anxiety, be sure to let your dentist know. Talk to your dentist about your dental anxiety, as they can provide you with treatments and techniques to help prevent any stresses or concerns that may arise.

If you have any fears of pain, your dentist can also provide anesthetics during your oral healthcare procedures to help minimize and remove any pain that may be felt. Oftentimes, dental anxiety is associated with fears and worries due to your mind getting the best of you. Thus, always try to imagine yourself in a calm or relaxing place, such as a beach or garden. You can also try meditating on breathing deeply and slowly. Counting your breaths has also been shown to help treat dental anxiety.

Are you in need of assistance for dental anxiety? If so, contact Healthy Smiles Dental Care® of Flint. Enhancing your smile is as easy as picking up your phone and dialing 810-720-6433 to schedule an oral health care assistance with Dr. Steven Rodriguez & Associates at our dentist office in Flint, Michigan. We are pleased to offer sedation dentistry for our patients seeking additional relief for dental anxiety.