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Have you ever wondered what the requirements are for a root canal therapy? Although they are quite common, it often seems like a drastic surgery just to save a single tooth. However, if these damaged teeth are left unchecked, it may be possible for serious infections to occur.

A root canal treatment is often used when a tooth’s pulp has failed. In many cases, the tooth enamel has been breached by harmful acids and bacteria, which has infected the central part of their tooth called the pulp. Within the pulp lies a tooth’s nerve endings, blood vessels, connective tissues, and overall life force of the tooth. If it becomes damaged and is not removed, total tooth failure and tooth loss will occur.

To help prevent pulp failure, it is important to protect your tooth enamel from decay and cavities. Sometimes, tooth enamel may be worn down over time due to multiple treatments to a tooth. In addition, oral accidents and injuries can also weaken or crack a tooth’s enamel.

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