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As you may know, an expecting mother has a lot to worry about and to prepare for. You may also understand that their bodies are changing to get ready for their little one. However, did you know that their oral health will also be affected by pregnancy?

For example, pregnant women naturally have an increased level of progesterone. Because of this hormone increase, the blood vessels in a pregnant woman’s gums will swell and their gums will become inflamed. This will rapidly increase a pregnant woman’s chance to get gum disease. Gum disease has been linked to very negative side effects for both the baby and the mom.

Still, would you be surprised to learn that gum disease can affect the health of your entire body? Once your gums are infected, bacteria will have a much easier time accessing your bloodstream, allowing it to travel throughout your body. Unfortunately, it can also affect your unborn child. Studies have linked periodontal disease, the advanced stage of gum disease, to preterm delivery and high blood pressure, which may lead to preeclampsia.

Preventing periodontal disease is much easier than treating it. Often, all you have to do to prevent gum disease is simply brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once a day. It is also wise to visit a dental professional bi-annually. This will give us a chance to treat gum disease as soon as possible if you do have it.

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